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***Update from 3/22/2014*** I have a terrible wound on the bottom of my left foot again, I have yet to have any procedure to help the situation. I’ve had no surgical procedures, no procedures at all. My pain is extreme, it wakes me up at all times of the night, during the day I am cringing in agony. Currently, the way the situation is, I am unable to do any work in any way, anywhere.
- Igor Vovkovinskiy



I am very enthusiastic about continuing my career in the movie industry, as well as doing commercial advertising on television and print ads. I love many Television shows past and present that I always wished I could have been a part of, even if in some small way, however, living in Minnesota doesn’t give me any of the same opportunities that people have who live in Los Angeles or New York. My proudest moment in my very small acting career, was having the opportunity to play a role in the Farrelly Brothers Movie “Hall Pass.”


Member of the 2013 Ukrainian Eurovision Delegation. I was a member of Zlata Ognevich’s performance team.
Filmed in Malmo, Sweden. May 2013
Role: Zlata’s Inner Strength/Giant

Japanese Television Show – “The Maximum Level – Something You’ve Never Seen Before”
Filmed in Tokyo, Japan in December 2012
Role: Self

60 Minutes Australia
Filmed in Rochester, MN in July 2012
Role: Self

Farrelly Brothers – Hall Pass Movie
Filmed in Atlanta, GA 2011
Role: Johnny’s Hideaway Tall Stud
My role was small and simple. Jason Sudeikis (Fred in the movie) starts hitting on my girlfriend, after he becomes drunk. He chooses the wrong girl to hit on, and interrupt my conversation with her. I stand up and stare him down, as I listen to Fred crack a joke about me, and I smash him in the face with my right fist.

Dr. Oz Show – “Extreme Medical Marvels”
Filmed in May 2010
Role: Self

TLC (The Learning Channel) – “Help! I’m Turning into a Giant”
Filmed in 2010
Role: Self

Criss Angel: Mindfreak – “Tronik”
Filmed in 2008
Role: Criss Angels Bodyguard in an Illusion

Chevrolet – Chevrolet Traverse Commercial
Filmed in 2008
Role: I played the role of a Hill Giant.

National Geographic – “Inside Extraordinary Humans: The Science of Gigantism”
Filmed in 2007
Role: Self



I do not own the rights to these videos. These videos belong to their respective owners/companies. I am simply showcasing clips of shows that I have had a part in. All rights reserved to the respective companies.


National Geographic Channel: Science of Gigantism.

The Science of Gigantism on the National Geographic Channel


Help! I’m turning into a Giant! from TallestAmerican.

Chevrolet Traverse Commercial

Criss Angel Mindfreak – Season 4, Episode 14, “Tronik”

Criss Angel Mindfreak – Season 4, Episode 14, “Tronik”

Australian 60 Minutes

60 Minutes Australia – Walking Tall

Hall Pass Movie Trailer

Hall Pass Movie Trailer from TallestAmerican.

My Appearance on a Japanese TV Show in Mid-December 2012.

Interviewed at a Minnesota Timberwolves Game in Winter of 2012

1st Interview in Malmo, Sweden in regards to my Eurovision participation. The website is Azerbaijani/Russian.

I was even mentioned on Telegraph.co.uk!

On the Red Carpet at the opening ceremony of the Eurovision 2013.

Our performance at the semi-finals.

Our performance at the Eurovision Finals

Russian “Perviy Kanal” talks about the Victors, and the runners up.

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- (My current condition with my legs and feet prevent me from doing anything long term, I am undergoing extreme and debilitating pain in my legs and feet.)